Why Tell a Story

Stories matter, but only happen when someone cares to share.

How many times have you heard someone say, "You should write your story?"

Before time steals the memories, consider sharing your story. You leave a legacy when you share history and tell a story.

For Families: Personal History Stories

At Memoirs by Design we help people tell their memorable stories about family, relationships, career, lessons learned and so much more. Memorable stories passed down to next generations are a priceless treasure.

Prevent regrets. Generously give and get the real story before it's too late. Remember, a story lost may be gone forever!

Posthumous Gifts: At Memoirs by Design we can interview family and friends of a deceased loved one and create a story. The storytellers vary, and so do the memories but what is gathered is a treasure for those who remain.

For Small Business and Non-Profits: Tried and True Stories

The creation and life of a successful business is history in the making, but the contribution is significantly underrepresented in story.

Because entrepreneurs are so busy leading, driving and pursuing unchartered territory, they don't have time to write history. At Memoirs by Design we know these men and women have something to say and share. We also know that others want to know about your values, defining moments and sacrifices made while pursuing the dream.

Telling stories help the entrepreneur reflect on the past, develop action plans and a vision for the future. The result is a legacy for next company leaders, who are often other family members.

For Animal Lovers: Wag-a-Tale Pet Stories

The friendship, bond and love we feel for our special pets is both endearing and enduring. With Wag-a-Tale Pet Stories, opportunities for story abounds. Our stories illustrate perfect days of your pet's life with you.

We write the book on how to reminisce about your furry friends with flavor, fun and panache.