Wag A Tale

Wag-A-Tale Pet Stories is a unique animal lover’s service, created with the intention of helping people find a way to capture their best pet stories.

The friendship, bond and love we feel for our pets is both endearing and enduring.

With Wag-a-Tale Pet Stories, opportunities for story abounds. We provide our clients with an easy-to-use Interview Guide and, if desired, offer in-person interview opportunities.

An account of life with your beloved pet is captured and transformed into a special children's book or as your own memorable keepsake.

Regardless of the story you choose to tell at Wag-a-Tale Pet Stories we help you write a finished story that is colorful, whimsical and magical.

We spin tales and a light-hearted account of life with your pet in childhood, middle age or the twilight years. These stories illustrate perfect days of your pet’s life with you. Posthumous pet stories are encouraged. Family and personal oral histories and memoir books are also available through this service. Prices are based on the service requested so call today for your free consultation.

We write the book on how to reminisce about your furry friends with flavor, fun and panache.

Stories matter, but only happen when someone cares to share.

Click here to see a sample of one of our stories.