In 2005, I left a long career in human resources and started Memoirs by Design, a personal history business. Interviewing storytellers, writing personal histories and publishing books is the most important work I’ve ever done.

Did you ever take for granted the stories you heard in your youth, spun by the voices of special loved ones? Did you mistakenly believe that you would hear those voices, those versions of story forever? I think all of us did. Suddenly and without warning, we realize that time has stolen the memory, the clarity, and the detail. The voice is silent; the story stops, and we can no longer remember the details of who said what.

With Memoirs by Design, I help individuals, families, pet owners and businesses tell the stories before they are forever forgotten or lost.


The cornerstone for Memoirs by Design is a love of people and their stories. It's about building trust through the interview, writing things down and creating treasures.

Touchstone and cornerstone - the foundation for Memoirs by Design, a company dedicated to capturing life.

Regardless of age, stature, or reputation, one story paints a compelling biography, history and learned life lessons.

Membership in the Association of Personal Historians has its privileges. This video tells a great story about the kind of work I will do for you and your loved ones. For a complimentary consultation, call today!