Children's Stories

Searching for the Perfect Day

I wrote the book! After a dozen years of work as a personal historian, Nanette Randall and Memoirs by Design Press is proud to announce the completion of Searching for the Perfect Day, a 30-page, children’s picture book about three-year-old Ryder and his search for the perfect day. This is a great story for working parents and busy families!

Have you ever wondered what a perfect day looks like? In the eyes of a young boy, the perfect day is something he decides to search for around his life in a small Montana town. What will he find? When does the perfect day start? When does it end? Are there surprises along the way? Luckily, Ryder is a busy boy who figures out exactly what is needed while Searching for the Perfect Day.

What child doesn’t love a new book...if you have a child in your life, ages two to six, or an older more advanced reader, ages seven to nine, who might enjoy learning more about searching for and finding the perfect day, please order your copy today. 

Cost is $10 plus $1.25 shipping.  Email your name, mailing address and phone number to: Payment can be made via PayPal, Sending to a Friend, please!